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How to Create and use a Splash Screen in Visual Basic 2005

    This tutorial is simple and shows how to setup and display a Splash Screen for your application. Why would you want a Splash Screen? Well, it would probably be good to show a Splash Screen if your appplication has a long bootup. Showing a Splash Screen will let the user know that your program is loading, but will take some time. You can also add a Splash Screen to give your application a more 'professional' feel to it. At least to me it does.

    Once you have your project loaded, goto the 'Project' menu and select the 'Add New Item' option from the list. Then select the 'Splash Screen' item. Give it whatever name you want (I named mine "frmSplashScreen") and add it to your project. Once its loaded you can see what the default Splash Screen looks like. From here you will want to give it the look and feel that you want it to have. You can add/change/delete the text you want, add more labels, images, change the background image, and so on. Once you have your Splash Screen setup the way you want it, goto the 'Project" menu and select the 'Properties' menu item. Click on the 'Application' Tab and move to the bottom of that screen and you will see a 'Splash Screen' setting available. From there you can select the 'Splash Screen' form you added to your project. Then 'Run' the project and you should see your Splash Screen load first and then your Main Form. Thats 'all' there is to it. Have Fun :)


                Jason Edit: 2007, May 20th

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