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    Below is a broad list of the controls for Visual Basic. Most all of the controls are compatible with VB 5.0 and VB 6.0. It is possible that some of the controls could be compatible with Visual Basic 4.0 32 Bit. But I have never tested that version with Any of these controls. I decided to go ahead and continue displaying the AOL related controls. They were made during the AOL 2.5-4.0 era. So, I doubt they would do much good for the latest versions. Last I heard AOL made it very hard to access its Window IDs anyways.

  Visual Basic - Runtime Files
VB3 Runtime Files
The required runtime files for Visual Basic 3.0
VB4 Runtime Files
The required runtime files for Visual Basic 4.0
VB5 Runtime Files
The required runtime files for Visual Basic 5.0
VB6 Runtime Files
The required runtime files for Visual Basic 6.0


Compatibility - Classic versions of Visual Basic. Classic Versions = Visual Basic 5.0/6.0. Possible they could work with Visual Basic 4.0 32 Bit.
 Visual Basic -  .DLL Files
Bass.dll V1.8
This is a very complete and powerful control for playing MANY sound formats. Plays all of the common .mp3 and .wma along with alot of the other not so common formats. The download link is to the latest version on the authors site.
csRDTSC .DLL v1.0
A small .dll I made with Managed C++  2003 (with 'knights' help) that simply has 3x functions for returning the CPU's timestamp counter value (rdtsc). This .dll can be used for getting the cpu's clockspeed, or for VERY high resolution timing. The .dll, declares, and documentation is included.
A control for 2D drawing, graphics, ect. Can do much more with this dll than the regular gdi api's. You no longer need Windows XP and VB.NET to enjoy the benifits of the GDI+ api's.

 Visual Basic -  .OCX Files

A simple control that makes it very easy to create a API Spy style application. Makes is very easy to retrieve alot of various Windows based information. For example, retrieve the Windows Handle, the Windows Children,the Windows Siblings and so on.
A control for making buttons that appear to be 'floating' above the Form.
A control that adds the ability to give your projects animated gifs.
A multimedia ocx control. I believe it supports movie files, in addition to music files.
A ocx control I made that plays mp3's, saves - loads playlist, read mp3 tags, ect.
A internet based control.
This is evidentally a custom button control. Download and check it out I guess :)
I feature rich control that extends beyond your normal textbox. This control supports text highlighting, coloring, and creating .rtf documents and much more. The control would be great for making a WorkPad sytle application.
A control for subclassing in and out of your applications process.
A basic control that supports getting various system related information. This control can return your controls memory data and more.
A internet .ocx control that I really don't know anything about. I do now it is related to the TCP/IpD.ocx control below.
A internet .ocx control that I don't know anything about. It is related to the .ocx control above.
A .ocx control that gives you new 3D items based items for your projects. A 3d Button, Listbox and more.

 Visual Basic - AOL .Ocx Controls - AOL 4.0  Note: These controls were originally made for the AOL 2.5/3.0/4.0 era.
I really do not remember exactly what this ocx control contains. I do know there are alot of various AOL related functions and subs.
A .ocx control that simplifies the process of getting the chatrooms text. by Dos
For Visual Basic 5.0 that makes it easy to do Chatroom related operations. by Dos
For Visual Basic 6.0 that makes it easy to do Chatroom related operations. by Dos
I do not remember the specifics for this control. It mainly has AOL related codes though.


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