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Below is a collection of links that should have various resources related to Visual Basic.NET 02/03/05. I checked most of them and removed the ones that were no longer working. If find that any are dead, please let me know.

       Visual Basic.NET - Website Links
.Net 247
The VB Source Code Site
.Net (dotnet) Tips and Tutorials
C# (C Sharp), VB.Net and ASP.Net help, tips, and tutorials from the experts. Featuring message boards and a database of tutorials for .Net assistance.
A1VBCode - The VB Source Code Site
The VB Source Code Site
Andrea VB Programming and Free Downloads
Here's the code you're looking for! Tips and Tricks, Source Code, Printing and Programming Techniques, Advanced API Programming, Forums and Free Downloads for Visual Basic.
A Computer Directory that contains all resource related websites.
C# Corner
We link to computer websites and business that related computer supply, technology tips, web hosting, search engine and more.
DaniWeb IT Discussion Community
IT Discussion Community for Developers & Technology Enthusiasts
Devloper Fusion
DotNet4All is the definitive resort for guidance to Microsoft VB.NET and C# resources such as components, code snippets, tools, knowledge, books and other .NET related resources.
Free VB Code
The place on the Web for the highest quality, free visual basic code.
Links to ITs directory resources and information websites.
Microsoft VB Homepage
The Microsoft Visual Basic Developer Page
The largest public source code database on the Internet
Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go!
The most complete online source to download free programming files, source code, tools and more for a whole range of languages and technologies, including VB, C/C++/C#, .NET and Java. We have over 25,000 resources for you to explore!
Links to ActiveX-related resources at Visual Basic web directory with topics such as; database programming, design&development, XML, ActiveX tech, VBA & office development, etc.
TheScarms VB Library
VBDiamond Portal
Free help and content to the Developers community
This site is for all those programmer[new/oldies] who plays with Visual Basic. This site contains code, articles, Visual basic resources etc which helps a programmer to work with thier application more easily and comfortably.
Visual Basic Keys
Each door has its own keys, here you can find VB Keys! Typical Visual Basic Examples, Free Visual Basic Source Code, Custom Windows User Interface, Using Flash and HTML Interfaces with VB6, Skins and Graphics Programming, Visual Basic Tutorial By
Visual Basic Internet Programming
Visual Basic Zone
The community based programming website and home of Semi VB Decompiler! which is a product to help recover lost parts of Visual Basic program.
Related Links -These links were added because the site owner requested it to be added, or I visited the site and thought it would be useful to put a link to.




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