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What is the impact of sugar on human body

Even thought the human tongue is capable to identify four common flavours that are salty, sour, bitter and sweet, but we still love eating sugary stuff more than anything else. This might be because many years ago, our ancestors used to eat sweet tasting fruit, maybe this was one of the few food options they had to survive on. So it makes sense for us descendants to have highly developed taste buds for sweet. A controlled amount of sugar is never bad for your body. Your body actually needs a certain amount of sugar. But if your intake of sugars exceeds the amount that is required, it will start harming your health.

1.You will start gaining weight

Sweetened drinks such as cold drinks, juices, sweet teas and energy drinks have a large amounts of fructose sugar in them. The thing with intaking a lot of fructose is that it then increases your hunger and cravings for more food than glucose does. Fructose is also responsible of causing resistance to leptin which balances hunger levels and informs your body when it should stop eating. Even researches have shown that people who consume such sugary beverages are more likely to weigh more than those who don’t.

2.Increases the risk of heart diseases

Heart disease, which is known to be one of the world’s most deadliest diseases can result by high sugar levels in your blood. Diet with sugars exceeding the amount that is required result in obesity, high blood pressure and hence heart related diseases. Atherosclerosis, a disease that is known to clog the arteries of the heart by fatty deposits.

3.Risks of diabetes increases

Since 30 years, the cases of diabetes have doubled all over the world. Diabetes is known to be directly related to excessive sugar intake. If a person keeps consuming foods with high sugar levels, they are most likely to gain resistance to insulin. Insulin is basically a hormone secreted by the pancreas that helps your body to maintain its blood sugar levels to normal. While a person with insulin resistance will not be able to balance its blood sugar levels and hence increase the risk of diabetes.

4.May cause cancer

Consuming a lot of sugar in your diet for a long time can increase the chances of some type of cancers. As you have read above, sugary foods and drinks can cause obesity, which increases the chances of suffering from cancer. Actually its the insulin resistance due to high sugar intake which may increase the risk of cancer in an individual.

5.Can cause acne

Acne can be developed if you consume a diet that is high in sugars, such as sodas and sweets. Sugary foods and drinks rapidly increases blood sugar and insulin levels, this results in production of more androgen, oil and causes inflammation, which are all that play an important role in developing acne on your skin. On the contrary, diets that are low-glycemic, have proved to reduce the risk of developing acne.